Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Add Google Analytics on Mobile Websites?

Mobile phone usage has increased over years and people are using mobile phones for searching nearby places. Whether it be restaurant or shopping mall or something else everyone should have a mobile website or online presence to increase sales and connect with their customers.

Tracking of mobile website in Google Analytics differs from tracking a normal website because Google Analytics uses JavaScript based code to track visitors data but some mobile devices does not support JavaScript. So Google devised a new way to track mobile websites using Google Analytics. This blog post will provide you information on Google Analytics Mobile Tracking Code and steps to install it on your mobile website.

Let’s walk through the visitor tracking process for a PHP based mobile website.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

10 Must Use Google Chrome Extensions for Search Engine Optimizers (SEO’s)

SEO for Chrome – This is most popular Google Chrome SEO extension. Make your daily SEO tasks easier with this SEO for chrome extension, it provides SEO statistics for any website and tools. Common SEO stats included in this SEO extension are Website’s listing in DMOZ and Yahoo Directory, pages indexed in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., total number of backlinks a particular website has and how many does different search engines or tools like open site explorer from SEOMoz show, bookmarks on popular bookmarking websites like delicious and digg, Alexa traffic rank, also checks some On-site factors whether robots.txt and sitemap.xml are present or not, HTTP status code etc. Besides all this it also provides much more SEO information about any website, you just need to try this. Installation link: SEO for Chrome.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's good for a Business Blog: A Sub-Domain, Sub-Folder or a New Domain

You might have probably heard that hosting a business blog will help you in your internet marketing plan and you have started planning to have a business blog.  Business blogging no matter helps, whether goal of your business to have website is lead generation or if you have a shopping cart or if it just exists for branding and educate your potential customers, business blogging can help you with everything. It will help you in SEO as well.

So what’s the best practice to host a business blog, on a sub-domain, in a folder structure or on an entirely new domain? Here are the pros and cons of choosing between these options for business blogging.

Having a business blog on a sub-domain or sub-folder has following benefits:

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